OCCULTUS ROOM ESCAPE offers a new and exciting experience that puts to the test the skills of your group. Escape rooms are used to submit a group to take decision under pressure as well as to watch how well people that usually work together, or not, interact between each other.

Try something new: unique and unforgettable program adapted to team buildings for companies in Porto.

The rooms we have allow us to hold, simultaneously, events for large groups. In just 1 hour, over 30 people can participate and about 100 people, throughout a morning or afternoon, can enjoy this activity.

The schedules we have are very flexible and include every day of the week, whether you want to play in the morning or in the afternoon. We can also adjust our schedules to the needs of our clients to guarantee a perfect customization.

Escape games have showed to be powerful tools to develop teamwork, task prioritization and team communication. What is put to the test during the sessions can have a huge influence on real life.

The place you’ll find yourselves in is extremely challenging, therefore, employees become teammates for an hour. Taking people out of their comfort zones surely will develop their social skills and will also add new bonds to existing ones.

An escape game that will make team work more efficient in real life

Everyone will find their role in an escape room. Concentration, patience, auto control, determination, calculation, bravery, creativity, communication and many other abilities are fundamental, so, every member can and will be useful for the mission ahead.

Occultus Room Escape is a unique activity to surprise your employees and to create a fun environment as well as a competitive one, full of cooperation and comradery. A great way to break the routine and strengthen the bonds inside the same team or to create new relations between people from different departments. It is also a good way to develop team spirit and leave people proud to be part of the same team that will surely be useful on a daily basis.

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